The NEwfoundland Deception

The Newfoundland Deception is a fun musical depiction of a real-life story of intrigue and triumph from World War II. In 1941, the world was at war and the North Atlantic was prowled by German U-Boats. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill agreed to meet in Newfoundland, safe passage became a prime concern. The Secret Service devised an elaborate deception involving the presidential yacht, U.S.S. Potomac, a fake vacation to Martha's Vineyard, and a midnight transfer of the wheelchair-bound Roosevelt to the cruiser U.S.S. Augusta.

The plan worked perfectly. As FDR sailed for Newfoundland, the Potomac carried on in Martha's Vineyard carried on with the Presidential vacation, complete with a body double for FDR. While all looked calm, ship and crew eagerly awaited the return of the President.

When they spotted Augusta coming over the horizon, they knew their mission had been a success. FDR came back aboard with the fruit of a successful round of negotiations, an agreement on common principles called the Atlantic Charter. This would be the bedrock of relations between the two countries for the duration of the war and beyond.


Concert Band

Featured Instruments

Alto Saxophone
Glockenspiel (or Triangle)



Grade 4

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