Below are some possible selections for the spring. We will be reading through them in the coming weeks and voting to narrow down to a program.

Spring Concert

Anasazi - I. The High Mesa

by Albert O. Davis

A Dakota Rhapsody

by Mark Camphouse

Down a Country Lane

by Aaron Copland


by David Shaffer

Go West!

arr. Ralph Ford

Hoedown from Rodeo

by Aaron Copland

Note: This recording is of the San Francisco Symphony. (Sorry about the cows!)


arr. Robert Russell Bennett

Rock Springs Saga

by William Owens

Suite of Old American Dances - MVTs. I-III

by Robert Russell Bennett

Note: In the video above, the first three movements run from the beginning to 10:37.

Symphony 5 1/2 - I. Perpetual Emotion

by Don Gillis

Note: In the video above, the first movement ends at 3:59.

Memorial Day

Black Granite

by James Hosay

God of our Fathers

by Thomas Knox