Day 2: tour of Munich and our first performance

The Deutscher Musikverein had a historic first today: we performed in Germany for the first time in our 81 year history! Despite some jet lag and nerves, the show went really well. I couldn't be more proud of the band!

Nymphenburg palace

Nymphenburg palace

Before we got there, though, we had a wonderful tour of Munich. Our guides for the day, Kristiana and Stefan, led the group on insightful tours through the city of Munich. We visited the summer palace at Nymphenburg, then walked through the old city before arriving at the Marienplatz right before noon.

We were there just in time to see the world famous Glockenspiel in action. Bell music accompanied a historic scene, depicting a royal wedding, a joust, and a peasant dance. Spoiler alert: the Bavarian knight always wins the joust. As our guide said, “It really helps our self confidence to win something three times every day.”

After that, the group went had some free time in the city. Many had lunch or went shopping. At least one person bought Lederhosen.

Here are some more photos from today: